About Aoi Kid‘s Garden

We opened the "Aoi Kids Garden" in Ogawa-cho, Kodaira City, because we want child-raising to be relaxing and rewarding experience for families that need a little extra help.

The workers employed at Aoi Kids Garden are recruited from our Sister School, Fuchu Aoi Kindergarten.  These workers are experienced child care workers with a love for children.

Our facility is a 一時預かり保育(Ichiji Hoiku), or a Temporary Daycare (Short-term Childcare) Facility

This type of child-care is open to parents for any reason: to relax, to visit the hospital, to get a haircut.
Our service is flexible. It can be simply a one-time visit for a few hours, or a fixed system where we can provide child-care for a repeating time-slot at the same time.

Our facility is a “Free Play” facility where children can enjoy and play freely. Children are allowed to explore what they want to do, and we will carefully watch over them, as they investigate and explore.  This allows them to have fun doing the things that they like to do and enjoy their time at our facility.


Opening hoursMonday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00
Children from the age of 8months to pre-primary school

Temporary Childcare Fee

Registration Fee¥500(Renewed every year)
Childcare fees¥1000/hour
* The first childcare fee is half price *

* As a general rule, please make a reservation at least one week in advance.

* Registration is required in advance when using for the first time. Please reserve the registration date by LINE.

Monthly Fee

4times a month¥9,600(¥800/hour)¥18,000(¥750/hour)
8times a month¥18,000(¥750/hour)¥33,600(¥700/hour)
12times a month¥25,200(¥700/hour)¥46,800(¥650/hour)

Enrollment Fee ¥10,000→special price¥5,000

* () Is an extension fee.

* If you want to use monthly childcare, you need to apply and register in advance.  Please register by the 25th of the previous month.

* Monthly sessions do not carry over.  Unused sessions will not be credited towards the following month. For example - if you sign up for 12 times a month but show up only 11 - you will not be given an extra session in the next month.

* The fees must be paid on the first day of your monthly schedule.(Cash Only)

About our Day-Care Facility and license

Our facility is a 一時預かり保育(Ichiji Hoiku), or a Temporary Daycare (Short-term Childcare), this is a type of unlicensed childcare facility or 認可外保育園(無認可保育園).

Unlicensed facilities match the same standards as licensed day-care facilities, but they have more flexibility to determine tuition rates, curriculum, and operating hours.

If you have tried and failed to enroll in a local licensed facility because you did not score enough points on the hoikuen entrance application merit scale - we are able to have you apply to us directly for enrollment.

Please rest assured that we adhere to the same quality and safety standards as licensed facilities.

How to register for the service

  1. Reserve date of the initial interview : you should make an appointment at least 1 day before the interview by LINE.
  2. Interview and Fill in the registration form
  3. Reservation: Make your reservation by LINE at least 7days before.

Things to Bring

  • Tea or other beverage (water bottle, mug, etc.)
  • At least one set of clothes to change into
  • Diapers
  • Hand towel
  • Lunch box
  • 2 bath towels (for naps)

※Please bring a copy of your child's medical and insurance cards for the first time only.

※Please name items other than diapers.

How to enjoy Kid's Garden

  • Check your child's condition every morning before you take your child to our center.
  • If your child has a fever (higher than 37.5℃), please stay home, as the child will not be allowed to enter.(Entry is prohibited until 24 hours after the fever is no longer experienced.)
  • If your child has a rash, please see a doctor before coming to the center.
  • On the day your child has had an immunization shot, we cannot take the child under our care.
  • If your child has a contagious disease, you will need to present permission slips from your doctor to attend child care sessions at our facility.
  • We reserve the right to request your doctor's certificate, depending on your child's developmental and medical history.

On your date of service

  1. Please ring the intercom and come to the reception at your appointment time.
  2. Our staff will take your child’s temperature, complete visual inspection and perform a health check.
  3. Please inform us of your child’s health conditions -including any illness, or special needs
  4. Use lockers for your child’s belongings if needed and leave your child in our staff’s care.
  5. Pick up your child. Please pay at that time. We will report to you your child’s activity and condition while he/she was in our care.

We will send you some pictures of your child each day by email or LINE.

A message from our Principal

Thank you for visiting our website.

I am the director of Aoi Kids Garden.

The answer to why I created my own private temporary childcare facility lies in my life.
I was born as the daughter of a kindergarten director.

By chance, I moved to Kodaira, but before that, I raised my child alone in Hokkaido and Nagoya.

My child was especially difficult, as a child who never really slept, and I was so exhausted that I collapsed several times. I also suffered from postpartum depression after having my second child in 2021.
Raising a child is rewarding, and very fun, but raising a child can also be hard.

I created a temporary childcare facility to make parenting more fun, and to give a much needed break for mothers that are experiencing burn-out and post-partum depression.
In Japan, babysitting is not very popular. Our temporary childcare facility does not offer the same flexibility as a babysitter. However, we will try to accommodate your child as much as possible when you are sick, or if you simply need a break.
About our English services - I like to travel and I used to go backpacking in Europe and Asia.

In my travels, I was touched by the kindness of many people. I'm too busy raising my children to travel now, but I wanted to return the kindness I've received here in Kodaira, so I created this website in English.
Our staff is not good at English, and we are not an international school. We are not religious, but we will do our best to accept your child no matter what race you are or what religion or beliefs you have. I would love to be of help to those who are tired or lonely in raising their children.
In Japan, there is a saying that children are treasure.
With that phrase in mind, I will do my best to make sure that your precious child has a good time while being cared for at our facility.